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Singularity Flux investigates how the void of the canvas is disrupted by the first brush stroke, which is considered the first creational act. It is the incarnation of energy, which has one meaning: sheer striving for existence. The abrupt outburst of energy is an act of creation, while simultaneously, it is the destruction of the immaculate, empty canvas.


The next step of Franzen’s methodological experimentation, which tends towards the construction of a cosmology, is the analysis of the brush stroke. In order to do so, Franzen zooms into the concept of the brush stroke. Like a scaling in, the resulting artwork gives a very close look at what a brush stroke is. If the line is the first thing one sees, the brush stroke is the first focus on the line. Similarly, scientists look at the existence of atoms as one of the smallest components of matter. Singularity Flux is a meticulous and specific look at and a practical analysis of the brush stroke.


Franzen purports that the analysis of Singularity Flux can serve to better understand the first creational act. The brush stroke is formed by the abrupt outburst of energy, the liberation of the ink on the white canvas.

This process is the beginning of the destruction of the immaculate canvas. However, this first outburst of energy can also be considered the most accurate look at the first creation of the line. The energy begins to flow, just as the brushstroke demonstrates with a comparable stream of energy in the form of ink. Franzen concludes that energy is constantly moving. As Heraclitus already argued in the V century BC, the universe is formed by an ever-present change. Just as one will never step into the same river twice, as the water constantly flows, the essential energy of the universe is in constant movement. The only real form and existence is that of constant change.


Franzen works with two different methods: ‘hits’ and ‘flux’. Each of these forms represents a different flow of energy and are creational motifs in themselves. The hits are the  representation and analysis of a spot on the canvas, the simplest creation. Franzen splashes the canvas with ink, making the creation visible through a punctual explosion. The flux is the analysis of the linear energy stream. Comparable to how Samurais can, with one move, cut precisely whatever is meant to be cut, Franzen aims at representing and fully comprehending the one and first singularity of art in the universe. With Singularity Flux, Franzen creates unique artworks that experiment in new forms of the creational act on the white prenatal space.