"When I draw, my mind is clear, I feel my consciousness, my thoughts, my body and the world in and around me.

In this state of mind, I aim to reduce the motif and technique to the most basic form of drawing. By mirroring my mindset with the paper in front of me, I aim to achieve an all-encompassing state of being.

I, as the artist, become the mere moment, a moment of simple presence.”


I draw and focus on the void, on the negative space around the line. The space which is not the line, but which sustains it and enables it to take on the form of a line, ultimately comes to represent the line in its truest form. With each breath the seeming emptiness is filled more and more with the presence of the line, and of 'being' itself."


One Line is conceptually related to Each Line One Breath where the drawings are formed through the act of drawing each line during the length of a single exhale.

As the work evolves, the artist reaches a form of spiritual transcendence wherein repetitive movements become all-encompassing. The artist is able to find a meditative space by translating his essential life-giving breath into a physical manifestation – each line in the work. However, in relation to Each Line One Breath, this series reduces the concept even more.


In relation to Each Line One Breath, this series takes purification a step further.

As the artist reduced the creational act, its form, and his very mindset to the most basic level. The many evolving lines in Each Line One Breath are essentialized into one original line in One Line. But this act is in no way a reduction, but rather pure maximization: the One Line holds the intrinsic potential to evolve into any form; it is One Line, but it is also all lines. It is pure possibility, constantly defined by that which it is not or has not yet become.